Junior Miss:: Gilroy Children's Photographer

You know those days when you want to just sit back and LAUGH at a hilarious movie? Well today is one of those days. I just want to sit here, watch a hilarious movie and paint my toenails. Of course, with my luck I'll laugh so hard that I'll mess up my toes and have to start again. Which means I'd have the start the movie again too. Ummmm, yeah...you figure that one out.

Today I did an impromptu shoot with one of my favorite girlies. She was such a fun model since I don't often get to shoot kids. And I got to thinking about how much potential she has and all the great things she can be as she grows up. And as I go through transitional phases in my own young life I think about how I never want to hear the words come out of my mouth that I have learned enough. I always want the desire to strive and become more. I want to continually set new goals, do the best I can in everything I put my hand to and most of all not be intimidated to dream big. Am I scared to delve into new territory? Darn tootin'! But I'm going to do it. Just wait. Even I can't wait to see where my life goes. In the meantime here's to one of the prettiest little models I've had the pleasure of freezing in time.


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