At Least Half

He didn't often raise his voice when we were kids. And when he did, we sat up straight. No questions. And while I have always admired this man I am proud to call my dad, I've never admired him more than I do today. We've had recent changes come into our family and I silently watch this man. He assembles and disassembles furniture without complaint. Helps to straighten out rooms. He rises early in the mornings to work and even on the bad days doesn't come home and grumble. He prepares for sermons twice a week. Works hard on his business ventures. He willingly gives and gives, all without hesitation. In my quest to become a better photographer I soak in the wisdom that he unconsciously manifests. Hoping that I learn all that I can from him.

My words are inadequate. Pitiful even, in describing the admiration I have for this man. The man who loves his iPhone almost as much as he loves his Mac. The man who can sit for hours mindlessly strumming an unstructured tune on his guitar. And the one who will search for weird things on the internet--like headphones for his iPhone. {WHY can't he just go to the store?!?!} And while its not Father's Day or his birthday I wanted to let everyone know, I have the best hero of a dad. And while I aim to be as great as he is, my on hope in life is to be at least half the person he is. I would settle for that. At least half.


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