Pregnancy Brain and Jack

It comes and goes. My mind that is. I can't seem to keep my mind on any one thing. A couple weeks ago Mat and I announced that we're pregnant. I am currently 15 weeks and my mind has absolutely left me. As in I have conversations with Mat and can no longer connect my points, or I sit down to write a blog post and can't remember what I was going to write about. I still haven't gotten...I don't know what I haven't gotten...I totally forgot what I was going to say. No lie.

So needless to say the first trimester was no fun and finding the motivation to do anything was super hard and quite a mental fight. Hence the lack of blogging; but, now that second trimester is here the sun shines, birds sings and my hormones are happy...relatively speaking. Mat has been wonderful throughout this whole thing and he's pretty stoked about being a daddy.

Yesterday we took Pouf and the newest canine in our family, Jack, to the dog park. Jack belongs to my sister Denice and her hubby Phil. He's a high energy animal AND a boy--that's Jack not Phil. As such he does everything fast: walks fast, whines fast, pees fast, plays fast. Yesterday was National Pee Day for Jack. He's such a boy. I have at least 4 pictures (and those are only the ones I got) of him in this position. You can read the whole story of their day at the park with pictures here. It's quite funny if I say so myself. I wrote it in one of my mind's more lucid moments.

Happy Wednesday!


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