Rebecca & Anthony||Gilroy Wedding Photographer

He loves to tell the story of how they met. When I asked, his voice was animated as he recounted their mutual friends and how they began dating in school. They've been together for 12 years, have one son and another on the way. Even after all these years, Anthony still looks at Rebecca with the most sincere love in his eyes for her. And I can't wait to shoot their wedding next month. (I am totally stressing about what shoes to wear too. I'm thinking Dr. Scholls and I are going to be good friends this summer).

Rebecca and Anthony are getting married at San Juan Mission and decided to do their engagement session in San Juan. I didn't complain. I love San Juan. The weather was gorgeous and the lighting beautiful. Oh! Okay, check this out. Rebecca has family that lived in San Juan and I totally learned about the chickens. When you go to San Juan, you will always see chickens. Turns out they are considered citizens. One time a chicken was injured (I think by a car) and the PARAMEDICS came out to rescue the life of the chicken. No lie. I have a new respect for these chickens. Anywho, back to our regularly scheduled shoot.

Rebecca, lady you are going to make a gorgeous bride.

Don't they look stunning?

You two make beautiful children--seriously, you have a gorgeous little family.


Happy Tuesday!


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