Boogerhead at 22 Months

He currently:
*Loves his microphone (give him a mic and he will preach, sing and perform his heart out)
*Loves all things horses
*Will hear any train in the distance, gasp and cry out "hooo-hoooo"
*Adores Buzz Lightyear
*Will tell you the animal sounds for the doggy, horsey, kitty, monkey, elephant, cow, duck, lion, bird, piggy, fish, frog, bear and I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting
*Can listen to his Aunt "Niss" sing all day
*Is learning to play by himself
*Prefers a shower over a bath
*Is happier naked than dressed
*Starts every.single.sentence. with Mama. Which he will repeat until you answer, "Yes, Cash."
*Amazes us every day.
*Kills me at night when he wants me to lay down next to his bed. He doesn't know my stomach no longer fits in the space by his bed or that my sciatic nerve hates me in the position.


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