Pumpkin Patch

I'm so sorry I haven't been blogging or keeping up here--I do have sessions to blog just haven't gotten around to them, but I have some fresh sessions coming up soon! Life's been a tiny bit crazy around here since Grey came along. I finally had the courage to venture out with the kiddos...okay, not total courage because I take someone with me every time I go out because I'm way too wimpy to handle both kids on my own--besides, Cash loves his aunties! ;) And they are the best.aunts.in.the.world!

Just a peek at our day! The happy parts of it anyway...ha! :)

My sister. Getting some photos for her blog.

He's totally been digging hats and ties lately. His shirt got ruined as soon as we got there because his mother acted all newbie-ish and bought him a slushy first thing. 

The top picture is from last year and the bottom one is this year.

Happy Sunday!


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