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A little bit of our October mornings and musings
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Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
1. He's the best when he's asleep, I could just sit there and watch him 2. He's obsessed with his tie and microphone. Only after he has both of those is he ready for "choorch." 3. Sick kiddos get to spend more time in mommy's bed 4. He is such a smiler and he's just starting to laugh/screech 5. Horrible, no good, very bad day (remember that book?) 6. An in between moment 7. A reminder to remember when church sermons were interrupted by feeding sessions 8. Grey laying on Cash's arm laying on his daddy's arm--cropped daddy out because he's definitely not as cute as the boys in the morning 9. Amusing myself waiting for a session to start. Had spent the weekend with sick boys (see the horrible dark circles?)

Happy Thursday! Happy November!!

P.S. Going to be blogging about getting natural expression from your kiddos next week, stay tuned! :)


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