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I think decorating a space with your photos has got to be one of my most favorite parts of the whole photo process. I could sit for hours (and may be a little guilty of such a feat when the kiddos have gone to bed) and decorate spaces, playing with frames and creating canvas groupings. What's the point of having photos done if they're going to sit under your bed, stay on a disk and never see the light of day? No, no, no. That's just not good. Just throwing photos on your wall and hoping that they work isn't any good either. Below are a photos that'll give you an idea of what a print/gallery wrapped canvas looks like, what a print looks like when its framed and how canvas groupings should be sized for the space you'll be decorating.

Usually, when we think of print sizes we think conventionally that 11x14 and smaller are all the size that we'll want, but look how tiny they are when put up on your wall. They're actually the perfect desk size, gift print size or as part of a grouping.

Below is an example of what an 8x10 vs. 24x36 print looks like framed. Again, 24x36 may seem HUGE, but look how perfectly it fits in that space.

Canvas groupings are meant to wow, however, don't create a grouping without considering the space that it's going to go into. The grouping below is comprised of 2-10x10, 4-11x14 and 1-24x36. If I was going to place the grouping over the crib I would bring everything down a size to fit better.

I hope this has been helpful to someone! If you have questions feel free to ask!

Happy Monday!


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