Project 52 | SEVENTEEN


Cash came home the other day singing a song. A song we didn't teach him. A song we don't listen to. A song I don't want him to know. I ignored it, hoping the event was an anomaly. But then, it happened again. And I began to get a bit concerned. I'll be honest, my first reaction was to try and control the source where he was hearing this music--I wanted to protect the innocence of my child and not have ideas put into his head. Then, I realized that there will always be people around him who don't believe the same we do, they don't have the same convictions we do and that's okay--Mat and I are the biggest influences in their lives and its something we don't take lightly. We told God when He gave us these two that we would do our best to raise them Biblically. Not by what we thought was right or wrong but what the Bible says. We aren't crazy people. We don't keep them cloistered and make sure they only go out on Sundays. :)

We love these boys. We don't take being their parents lightly. We mess up plenty, but until the day we die we will fight for their souls.


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