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This past weekend was Father's Day and I haven't had the chance to sit down and write a brag about this handsome man. Mat has been working two jobs for about...well, actually I think he's been working two jobs almost as long as we've been married. Without complaint, he goes from one job to the other making a living for his family. 

About two and a half years ago he got a job at UPS with the intention of making UPS the career job. At UPS they tell you at your first interviews (at 3am and 4am!!) to not expect to be promoted, get more than a slight raise etc. in the first two years. We discussed it, prayed about it and decided that we would make the sacrifice in order to further his chances at a full time career with UPS. It was almost exactly two years before he was promoted to a part-time supervisor. A supervisor whom they really like. A supervisor who gets things done in such a great way that they will move him to different areas to improve that area because he's pretty no-nonsense about the job. And no, I'm not in denial that they may be moving him "trying to find a perfect fit" because they don't know what to do with him.

Howevvvver, UPS starting pay was barely liveable and so he got a second job at an after-school program before moving onto a cabinet shop where he used to work when he was straight out of high school. The cabinet shop has been a blessing to our family providing him work at a very fair wage. He works hard, up at 3am and down to bed about 9pm on a good night. Goes from one job straight to the other and not one single time does he complain that he hates to work two jobs. He does ask me to rub his back though...every.single.night. And I do...most of time. :)

As soon as he walks in the door from his last job he's down on the floor playing dinosaur with two little boys who are oh-so-happy to see their daddy. And then mom steps in to kill their fun, give dad a break and feed the family some dinner. After that it's bedtime and we start all over in the morning. But not before playing dinosaur one more time.

He's such a good man. I stand back and observe, amazed at the work God has done in his life. And then I reminisce about the times when we were 16 and 17 and we would walk to McDonald's on First St. and sit there for 3 hours, just talking. 

Happy {late} Father's Day Chapa. You make our lives so good. We love and appreciate you more than we could ever express and these two little boys got a great dad in you! xo



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