Changes are a Comin'

Since the inception of my photography journey I have always called myself Urban Rose Photography. I've gone through a myriad of looks all while trying to discover my "style" and how I wanted to present myself.

In 2008 my logo looked like this...oh, my word. So homemade and novice. However the girl, she's beautiful. Even still today.

Below I set up a white sheet at church on Easter and then did the best.photoshop.work.ever. ;) Okay, I'm slightly embarrassed that I even posted these, BUT we all start somewhere and it's fun to see how far a person can grow. That little boy in the picture? Just turned 12. 

Around 2009-10 I updated my look. Big change, right? My dog used to be skinny and a snob. Now she's just a snob...and not really mine anymore. *sniff* However, my photoshop skills did get better. :)

Eventually I moved on, developed my style and decided I wanted something more classic and timeless. And this logo was born:
I have loved this logo, icon and look for a couple of years now (except that this rose is huuuuge right here). I think its classic and timeless which is how I wanted to present my brand. Not faddish or super trendy. I made the rose and its still a favorite. However, the name no longer fits. I don't want to be Urban Rose anymore. My style isn't "urban" and is no longer "trendy." I love classic photography. Classic looks. Photos that people will still love 10, 20 and 30 years from now. So I've decided to let go of Urban Rose. Beginning in October I'll be just Deanna Rose. Me. My name. My brand. Still deciding whether or not to keep the rose icon. I still love it.

I'm excited for the change. Excited to just be me. Maybe I'll quit getting phone calls from people who find me online and call me asking if I develop photos and how much film costs. Or whether or not I can take their passport photos. Or how much I charge to do 50 wallets. Change is a good thing and I'm ready.

Happy Monday!


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