Goodbye...and Hello

Hi friends,

Exciting news! I've got a new site, new blog, new name! Well, my name is still Deanna, but you know what I mean. Hahaha, the other day Cash was in the shower and yells out, "Mom! Mom! Mom,mom,mom! DEANNA!!" Apparently he's learned my name. :)

So, this blog closes a chapter of photography for me and I'm starting a new one. I'll probably always keep this blog up but I won't be updating it anymore.




Details Matter || Bay Area Wedding Photography

I love shooting details. It's probably one of my favorite parts of the wedding day. There is so much planning that goes into a wedding and so many details that are picked out carefully and placed perfectly. No one says, Oh, we'll just put this and this there and hope it works. Um, no. Brides agonize over patterns, colors, table settings, food, jewelry, ceremony details, ceremony decor, flowers, shoes, bridesmaids dresses, linens, flatware, guest books, hairstyles, makeup, manicures, pedicures, gifts, chairs (yes, even chairs) and the list can go on and on.

These are some of my favorite details from a few weddings past. A note to brides--DETAILS MATTER. Even if you have the simplest of weddings, adding details can make the difference in your wedding! Details that tell a story of your life, your day, your love, are the best. Family pendants and Bibles, signs on your tables, collectibles, table layouts and themes and the list goes on.

I know details can be work intensive also, but this day only happens once. If you spend hours on details, the photos that preserve your memories are well worth the effort.

Happy wedding planning! xo

Bay Area Wedding Photography Photo

Wedding Bible Photo

Wedding flower table straws photo

Wedding appetizers photo

Wedding ceremony decor photo

Wedding table photo

Diamond bling wedding photo


Love and Marriage

I got married when I was 20 years old. I met Mat when I was 15 and a sophomore in high school. We met in biology and my first run in with him involved him spitting in a cup because he forgot to bring a liquid to class. Classy stuff. :)

In my mind, we've pretty much grown up together. I love doing life with him. We are constantly learning what it means to have a good marriage and definitely still growing. In this eighth year of marriage, we have grown closer and learned more about each other than we have the previous 7 years. So, I began to think about the top 5 things that we have learned.

Her smirk=the best!

1. Different is not wrong, it's just different. We went to a Love and Respect seminar when we first got married and it set the tone for our marriage. We are still learning this even to this day, but the point is that we're learning. :) We do our best to stay off the crazy cycle: without respect, he reacts without love and without love, she reacts without respect. However, the opposite is also true. Love and respect--it's a powerful thing.

2. I'm usually right, except when I'm wrong. Just ask him. ;) He values my opinion and often asks for my input when he's creating, building and making career decisions. That means the world to me. His opinion matters to me too, but in a different way. I'm not a questioning person. I usually don't ask if what I'm about to do is a good idea, or if there's anything I should tweak. It's in my nature. However, I don't make decisions about things that will affect our family without talking with him first. Not to get his approval per se, but to get his input before making the decision. If he's as comfortable as I am, then I'll make whatever decision is best. In contrast, Mat will ask for my input during his entire thinking process. Either way, I love putting in my opinion input and getting his.

3. Debt is dumb. Just learn this early people! I wish we had known this. When we bought our first car it was the result of a car accident (ahem, another lesson) and the insurance paid out the value of the car. We took the money, applied to it a credit card and then went an bought a brand new car complete with car loan. Does that sound dumb or what? We didn't buy a used car because the interest rate was going to be whopping 6% instead of 2%. So bought and new car and I distinctly remember sitting down and figuring out that the $1500 cash back that we'd get from the new car "special" or choosing to do the "special" 2% interest rater equaled the exact same thing! We were not smart. Credit cards (mine), laptops that died before they got paid off (his) and a brand new car with loan (ours) taught us lessons we plan on sparing our children from. Now we only buy if we have cash and so we don't buy much; when and if we do buy stuff, it's takes time. We are totally okay with that.

4. Having children is no joke. It takes work. Every single day. Arguing/disagreeing in front of them is not an option. If dad says no, so does mom. If we don't agree then we discuss it when the littles aren't paying attention. On the other hand, going on dates and only talking about the children is a no-no. It's really easy to keep them as the main topic of conversation but before they were, we were. :)

5. Marriage should be fun. For a while we were stressed out. Working, working, making it, not making it, working, throw a kid (or two) in the mix, living, scheduling, working some more. We forgot to laugh, enjoy each other, remember that the reason we got married was because we enjoyed being around each other. Learning how to communicate, respecting each other's time and opinions, valuing what the other contributes to the home and family life will ease up even the heaviest of loads. When you love on purpose, laugh because you remember that your spouse really is funny and not take life's journey so seriously (and by seriously I mean in stride, not Neverland), you'll have a lot of fun.

We are farrrr from perfect. We are still working on setting a budget every month (I love budgets, he gets overwhelmed at the details), getting our chores done (I kinda refuse to take out the trash, he leaves his shoes everywhere) and learning how to grow a business and a ministry at the same time (I love photography, he loves youth ministry). I couldn't imagine doing life with anyone else and am so glad that God saw it fit that we should be together. :)

Happy Tuesday!


Cake, Wednesdays and Getting Fired

It's Wednesday and my brain is a mess. I need coffee for my coffee. I haven't slept well the past two nights at all. I blame cake. I haven't had a huge amount of cake in over 5 or 6 months. Even during our birthday month, I think I only had a small slice on each birthday. And then the other night, my father in law turned 60 and well, my sister-in-laws made a three layer cake. And my mother-in-law gave me enough cake for me, my children and any other children that ever wanted to join our family. And.I.ate.the.whole.thing. It was delicious. My body didn't sleep for 2 days. Apparently, sugar detoxing for 3 weeks and then eating that much cake mess you up. I dreamed my husband came home from work at 5:15 am and Mr. Golden Sun was blazing hot and the children were running around with supervision. That was all a matter of seconds after he walked through the door with the children while I was napping. Cake hurts so good.

I work in an office full of men. Did you know that? I'm the only girl in the office. The only one that wears colored pencil skirts, frills sleeves and sandals. I just realized I only own one pair of sandals. Um, and then I handed in my girl card. Anyhow, it's not unusual to get home and 10 minutes later and get a text from my boss that says something like, "DEANNA CHAPA!!!!!! YOU'RE KILLING ME!!!!!" Kid you not. I usually laugh really hard, because I forgot to turn off the air. Again. I can't help it if in my caring nature I want them to stay cool in the office instead of suffering in 95 degree heat. Compassion is going to get me fired. So I put up a sticky note. Then two more notes. Then my co-worker added another note for good measure. Hi, I'm Dory.

I love Animoto videos. Especially when cake keeps you up late at night and its been months since you unloaded your photos from your phone. Cash woke up the other night crying in his sleep. He said he wanted to take a picture. I told him we'd take pictures tomorrow. He cried harder. Then fell back to sleep. Weird child.

Happy Wednesday! Go eat some cake.



I love IG. At night I lay in bed an usually catch up on the last 14+ hours of the day through other people's photos. And apparently I have this thing for landscapes because a lot of the people I follow are pure iPhone users and they take the most beautiful landscape photos.

If you ever want to see a funny series, look up the hashtag #onlockedown by Jessica Claire. Funniest mommy thing ever. I laugh out loud every time.

I usually am just documenting my kiddos and moments I don't want to forget. One day I'll upgrade my phone, but for now, I'm just happy to have recorded the moments. :)

Happy Wednesday!