Project 52 | FOUR

 I'm a week late on this post--we had a crazy 3 day church service weekend and then I was sick the following day and then the rest of the week happened. :) But I still managed to pull out my camera to capture this little guy and his first shower "all by himself." Haha, it was accidental. He pooped in the tub and there was no way I was going to fill up another bath once I cleaned it all out. So into the shower he went with lots of cheering of how big a boy he was for showering all by himself.

So, yes I'll cheer you on. Make big deals out of seemingly small things and hopefully make you feel like a million bucks--even if it happened after an accident. ;)

I love you bugga-boos!


  1. I love this pic!!! That proud moment is written all over his face.


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