Project 52 | THREE

From the time we were little my mom always emphasized, "She's your only sister!" I can remember being invited to play at my next door neighbor friend's house and she said, "I'm only inviting you, not your sister." When I went to ask my mom she said, "What about Denice?" I mumbled, "She only invited me, not Denice." Knowing it was in a mean spirit that this invitation had been made my mom told me I wasn't allowed to go and that I'd have to tell my friend. After coming back in the house, my mom again emphasized, "She's your only sister and friends who are mean to your sister aren't very good friends."

Today, my sisters are two of my very best friends. We love like sisters, laugh like sisters and {hardly} fight like sisters. I don't expect Cash and Grey to always get along, but I do expect them to love each other, respect each other and remember that they only have one brother (for now). ;) I hope to instill in them the love for each other that my mom instilled in us.

Right now, each morning Cash wakes up and want to be with "Gwayson." He likes to make him laugh, cuddle him and show off for his little brother. Right now Grey adores his big brother Cash. He follows his every move, laughs at his antics and is the only one who can get away with touching his brother's face.

I just know they're going to be good friends.


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