Project 52 | TWO


Let them be little
Cause they're only that way for a while
Give them hope, give them praise
Give them love everyday
Let them cry, let me them giggle
Let them sleep in the middle
Let them be little

I love the words to this song. Cash is a walking tornado. Quite literally. He reminds me of Linus from Peanuts...minus the dirt flying around him. Haaa! Okay, half the dirt. My kid actually loves bath time. There are things that he likes to do a certain way and is very particular about. I find myself constantly asking the question if I stopped him from doing something a certain way is it me just hating to be inconvenienced for him being little or is this a habit I should kill now. I want him to experience being little. I want to have stories of his nuances that drove me nuts when he's twenty years old and taking care of himself. I want the home videos that show what our house REALLY looks like when the curtains are closed because I'd be embarrassed if anyone ever saw the inside our living room when we're trying to get out of the house. He won't always be little. He won't always want to play by the window, he won't always be into Thomas the Twain and Di'osaur Twain. I love his little bedtime prayers. I love how he pronounces everyone's names. Grandpa Al=Gwampa Owwwwl. 

I love him little. 


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