Project 52 | ONE

I had decided before the new year started that I wanted to do a sort of personal project for my family and kiddos. There's a blog that I peek in on time to time and I noticed she did a project and used this theme for her 2012. I loved the idea. It was so personal. Spoke to me about the little things I'd love to tell my children at this age but know they wouldn't understand. At the end of the year I plan on putting it into an album form and keeping it as an heirloom. It was also to help me develop a consistent habit of blogging. I love to write but don't often find the time to sit down at a computer and type out my thoughts.

Watching how each of my boys develop has been so fun. Both of them are early teethers (Grey is popping out his second tooth already and he's only 4 months), Cash wasn't bothered with teething, Grey is very much a spitty, slobbery, raspberry blower kind of teether. Cash was more interested in sitting up, got frustrated when he couldn't and loved to watch everything around him. Grey is so chill. Loves his hands, loves his feet, could care less that his brother is a walking tornado while he lays on the ground. 

I'm really looking forward to this year. Happy 2013!


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