In one week she'll be the newest Mrs. Lanides. She's already moved, started making a home for the two of them and started preparing for the married life.

She has no idea.

No idea how much work it really is, how fun it is to be a permanent couple, the arguments that happen or the making up that makes all the work worth it. She has yet to discover the joy of sharing a home with her soul mate, creating new traditions, developing new ways of thinking and all the hypothetical situations that become realities.

And I am so excited for her. Happy that my childhood friend will have her love with her, by her and for her. Happy that my girlhood roommate is so content. Happy.

Happy that she is my sister.

Denice, this week I am so happy for you. Much love, relaxation and un-stressfulness to you. You're wedding is going to be beeee-you-tiful!


**Apparently we need a new photo together!! =)


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