I Have Watched Her Grow

There's something about watching a child grow up. One day they talk with the cutest baby lisp and next day that same young soul is spouting off things like the pythagorean theorem and trying to work out philosophical ideas. Well...kind of. Claudia isn't quite at that point. But she will be...tomorrow.

I have had the privilege of becoming friends with this wonderful family over a year ago. Rebecca asked if I would do her maternity photos and I've seen her every 3 months since! =) I can't believe Claudia is already a year old, time has rushed on by. To see other Claudia shoots check here, here and here. =) She only gets cuter (and more teeth).

JR & Rebecca~Thank you so much for letting me capture your baby in her first year! I have loved watching her grow. Hugs and enjoy!

::sidenote:: I should really change the term "sneak peek" to, oh I don't know...monster view? There were so many and she was quite the trooper. And I think I love oh-so-many of them.

To all my loyal fans: Thank you and good night! No more cameras please!


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