He's Becoming a Man

He's super quiet. Unobtrusive and shy. Unless you razz him about "his" teams. Mat had the nerve to say something and M was just as fast to counter everything Mat threw at him. They went back and forth teasing each other about what team was better, who had the better players and what the heck were some players thinking? And I just listened and laughed, pretending to have a clue.

I was so flattered when my cousin drove 3 hours to come have M's senior pictures taken. And M was such a trooper. I think we found his calling. He's a BIT of a natural in front of the lens. We hopped around Gilroy and had a great time. And I discovered that we do in fact have tracks that go NO WHERE! You have no idea how much that made my day--apparently it doesn't take much to get me excited.

Sylvia, M and Brian (and Lupe ;)), I was so happy to see you guys and thrilled to be able to take photos! I can't believe M is a senior already! I love you all. xoxo

And one last one...isn't he sooooo cute??1?! =) I can say that, he's my cousin.


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