I love that song by Matthew West, "Motions." The writer appeals to his self and cries,
I don't want to go through the motions,
I don't want to spend one more day
Without your all consuming passion inside of me
I don't want to spend my whole life asking,
What if I had given everything,
Instead of going through the motions?
Yesterday morning I was sitting in my usual illustrious position in church (behind the sound board) and listening to my daddy Pastor speak and he touched on a topic relatively close to the words of the song. But, he said one thing that was so poignant and resonated with me. We often go through life and get to a point in our lives that begs the question, "What do we do when life becomes a struggle day in and day out? Or our faith becomes a dull experience?" And the question that he followed up with was a reaction I have decided to have also. It's not just a reaction, its a lifestyle question and it is: What can I do to PREVENT my life my becoming a struggle day in and day out? What steps can I take to proactively make sure my faith experience stays fresh?
I needed to hear this. I am not going to sit back and let my life happen to me. I have GOT to happen to my life and I have GOT to happen to my faith. I don't grow stronger or go deeper in my life, faith...or business for that matter, if I don't take the time, make the effort or do everything in me to HAPPEN to my life.
Any pain or struggle, let it be growing paints. Growth happens outside of my comfort zone. So, what can you do today to happen to your life? Take that approach instead.

Because every post is better with a picture:

And CONGRATULATIONS to Jen for having the most romantic moments in the giveaway from the last post! Make sure ya'all read it!!


  1. Very well said! And I absolutely love that picture-brought a big smile to my face :)


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