Jen and Nathaniel::Day After Shoot

His eyes fill with laughter whenever he looks at her and you know down in your soul that he loves her. If you were to hear of their whirlwind love story you would think they were crazy, but everybody else knew...they'd both found the one they were meant to be with for the rest of their lives. And I feel so privileged to be able to call them friends. Nathaniel and I go WAAAAAYYYYY back. Okay so we're both in our 20's but hey, our dads were once roommates--and that totally qualifies as way back. He was my first neighbor, the first one I could tattle on and the first one of our friends to move far away. When he met Jen, I can remember sitting at Round Table and hearing all about her. She's just as fabulous as he made her out to be and she suits him perfectly. Her serene presence is so calming to be around and she creates a beautiful home for her family.

When I told Jen I was looking to build my wedding portfolio she volunteered them for the job. She was looking to get some photos of their daughter for her 3rd birthday and you know me, I'm down (sidenote::I told my mom I was down to do something one day and she text me back asking "What's that?" Moms.). So up to Lodi Mat and I trekked. They both looked so great in their wedding garb and were even greater for letting me shoot them for my site which I'm revamping (soooooo excited!!--stay tuned because its going to be fabulous). And of all days--it was hot. Not like 80 degree hot, but 103 degree hot. Such troopers. L Family~thanks sooo much! Love you all!!

Isn't Jen beautiful?!?


Need I say anything?

What would their family be without Mo?


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