Halfway through the week and still soooo much to do. I am so excited about revamping my website. My apologies for the lack of attention its getting right now. Because I can't manipulate individual pages I have not been able to do a thing with it until the upgrade. But the upgrade is going to be so worth it.

A while ago Mat asked me a very deep and personal question: When you hear the word irresistible what do you think of. My answer? Chocolate. Hands down. I don't think that was quite the answer he was looking for. Fine then. Don't ask a woman. It has been such a crazy busy couple of weeks around our household that a piece of chocolate would just make everything all better. Apparently I forgot when school started and have to do all sit-in registrations. Which totally bites. How could I have forgotten?!? **sigh** They act like I don't come back every semester. On the upside maybe I can finally look forward to being done.

I did get a chance to go and take some photos of Stef and one of the cute visitors we have in our home right now. When she learned that Stef was going out to take pictures she quickly decided that that day was suddenly the "boringest day in her WHOLE life." Never mind that she's 7. Hilarious. Kids are so funny. Stef is one of my favorite models, one because she's beautiful and two because she's a natural in front of the camera. Love 'er!! =)


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