Celebrating Love (with iTunes)

I was 15 and a sophomore in high school. I still wore jumpers, worked in food service and was headed out of class to go to work when he stopped me. He asked if I worked with that one girl Jamie. Feeling my walls come up I told him I did. Actually it was more along the lines of, "Yeah...why?!" He told me to tell her she had a cute...well that she was cute. Disgusted, I stomped out of class, walked quickly to work and told Jamie what he said and that he was "disgusting." This disgust elevated when the teacher moved his seat two away from mine and his liquid science experiment were remnants of saliva and soda. EEEEEWWWWWWWW. Who was this guy?!! It wasn't long before this guy started hanging around us. And except for the whole playing drums to his own beat with headphones in his ears habit, he was kind of cool. But not on the cool level that were were at wearing our aprons and jumpers, a whole other kind of cool. He skated, wasn't afraid to talk to anybody and had a youthful boyhood about him.

And now. Now he's all grown up. He's still just as cool (well he may be a little less cool but he's WAY cuter) and still drumming to his own music, except that now he tries to sing and no matter how hard I try to convince him to go back to skating because that's what he's good at, he just won't. I may just have to start dancing to his singing so he'll stop.

With all the weddings going on in this fall season I am reminded of my own love story. And all the romantic moments. The one that stands out the most? I was working at Berean and was closing late. It was Valentine's and we couldn't go out that night. So while I worked, Mat showed up at closing in the parking lot. And when I walked out he handed me a dozen roses and turned on the boom box he had surrounded by tealight candles, and we danced. Just one dance. Our only "real" dance. But I'll never forget it.

And I love that we each have romantic moments like this. So here's the deal--in celebrating Denice getting married and the launch of my new site and blog I'm doing a giveaway. Submit your most memorable moment with your loved one. The best story (chosen by yours truly) gets a $10 iTunes gift card. Leave it in the comment section below but be SURE to include your name and e-mail address! Make 'em your best ones! Giveaway ends at 10pm (Pacific Time) August 25th.


  1. I met my husband when I was in junior high school. He was friends with my cousin, with whom I was really close to. It was just like we were meant to be from the first moment. We have been together for 13 years. I am now 27, he is 28. We survived through 2 years apart while he was away at college, then I went back to school and got my masters degree. We now have the other love of our lives, our 20 month old daughter Mackenzie. So yes I do believe in love at first sight and true love stories never end.

  2. I was here in the US, a waitress. A fellow co-worker from Honduras told me all about his friend R, who he thought would be a perfect match for me! I said OK, although I thought, "Honduras! Well, nothing could ever come of that!" But my coworker returned to his country and told his friend about me. A year passed. I almost forgot about the whole thing! One night in the coldest part of January, I was down with the flu. I received a call from none other than R! I was so sick, but he was kind and understanding, I was instantly impressed! We continued speaking on the telephone and writing emails for some months. Finally I went to Honduras to meet him. We got along very well, and as they say, the rest is history!
    We have been married now for 9 years and have a very beautiful daughter. Perhaps it was love at first sound!

  3. Day One: My fresh start- my breakaway, if you will. No more guys, no more lies, no more selfishness... I was going to El Salvador to work with the missionaries, and I had picked up my paperwork. Hello new me! My new commitment to myself and to God. No more messing around. Gettin' my act together, for once and for all...

    Day Three (3): Paperwork handed in, parents reluctant but willing to try anything at this point... While at work, in comes this clean-cut (a rarity) delivery driver... Asks me if I know a mutual friend (turns out I did). Proceeds to laugh at me when I repeat his name three times... You see, I had written him in high school after he told this mutual friend at Senior Camp he thought I was cute. Off of a wallet-sized picture in her wallet no less. I had written him twice but never mailed the letters...

    Day 6: Takes me out to lunch (with unworthy permission from Dad) and we talk about hard-core beliefs and past mistakes and...

    we didn't miss a lunch for 4 months, we were shopping for wedding apparel and rings two weeks later, became officially engaged four months after that and married -finally- nine months later. No kidding.

    My man is the best, hands down. He makes me tick, he'd give me anything I want and he'd even die for me. He's blessed me with a daughter who now he also wouldn't trade for anything... He's my soul-mate, my God-given equal and my wrestling match. And that's it: He's my match in every way. And I love him.

  4. My husband spotted me at a Pentecostal campground when we were 15. He had his best friend set us up for a Christmas banquet and the rest is history! We've been married for 23 1/2 years. Lot of ups and down but we were definitely ment to be together!


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