Un Geek-o Suave-o

I remember one Adventures in Odyssey episode when Connie had two girlfriends who pressured her into calling one of the boys at their school a geek. And he heard her. Oops. Moral? Don't let him hear you...Okay for everyone 12 and under who reads this, that wasn't the moral. HOWEVER, you can call this guy a geek and he wouldn't care. Meet Josh. Part of the fabulous Geek Squad. The guys who fix our computers when us real techies actually don't have a clue. According to him, he's their number 1. I don't doubt it. You know how many girls would break their computers JUST so they could go have him look it at? I'm sure there are millions...overseas. And I'm sure that's how they get their sales.

Josh agreed to help me out with an engagement session for a portfolio build but of all the fiances we had lined up for him, not a one showed. Poor Joshy. So he took his photos solo. Eh, its better anyhow. We spent a couple hours in Pismo shooting downtown before calling it a day. He's quite charming, so enjoy!

His unsuspecting victim:


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