QnA: What to Buy

"Where have you been?!" asked the unused computer of the photographer.
"Everywhere!" said the tired photographer.
Literally. Everywhere except here. And I truly am tired. =) But I must get back to life. Denice's wedding was beautiful, my hair semi-cooperated, my shoes lost their cuteness right after the ceremony, we house sat for her for a bit but were quickly bored because of the lack of internet and now am back at home.

So as an initiation back to my sadly forsaken blog, I figured I would dedicate this post to a question I get a lot:
What camera would you recommend as a good starter camera?

There is no easy answer to this question and I am by no means an expert but here is my little take. First, I'm a Canon girl. I love my Canons and have owned three (and I still want to own about 4 more, at the same time this time) :). The first camera I would totally recommend if you're just starting out or want a great all around SLR is anything in the Canon Rebel series. I started out with an Rebel Xti and loved that camera. Depending on what kind of shooting you're doing will depend on what Rebel you would want to buy. The Rebel XT is the most basic, whereas the new Rebel T1 has HD video. Super cool. Once you have the basic camera body, the possibilities are ENDLESS with the lenses you can put on them.

There are so many other directions that this conversation could go so I'm keeping it super basic. Canon, as well as Nikon, are great cameras. I have always found the Canons to have easier navigation menus than Nikons however. As for taking a great picture...well...that's completely up to you! Happy Shooting!

A pictorial ode to my Rebel xTI:


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