Full of Fabulous

I met her when I was a junior in High School. We shared a class and got along too well for our own good. We soon shared jobs (at the Outlets of course), friends and in college, an apartment. We would drive down Monterey St. and yell out "AMELIO!!" to any guy standing on the street--we still to this day have no idea why we chose to name every male Amelio. We ditched school together, made frequent lunch trips to Jack's (many apologies Mother for the forged notes) and shopped discount video stores like the broke college students we were.

We have too many stories to tell, more inside jokes than even we can remember and all the memories of friends.

And I was stoked when she said she wanted to do a shoot just for her. I LOVE this idea and think every woman needs to do this. Everyone deserves a shoot by themselves to celebrate who they are and their beauty. If you don't have any of these kinds of photos, do them! You won't regret it. Mari was GOOOORRRRGEOUS! Stefanie says she has such a happy smile and I think she worded it so perfectly. She's one HOT lady! Here you are Beautiful, congratulations on everything going on in your life right now, you are so full of fabulous. Love you!

Okay I couldn't resist. What else is one to do with a blank warning sign? :)

Happy Friday!--EDIT: Ahem...Happy Wednesday. Oh Lord, oh me. :)


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