Monday Musings

Apparently laundry has some sort of effect on the mind. Maybe it's because I go into zombie mode while I fold endless amounts of white socks and t-shirts or maybe it's the fresh smell of clean. I don't even notice that my dog has decided to make herself comfortable in the warmth. What the heck?! I was folding that!

So as I folded laundry and as Mat showered and practiced his baritone in the shower my mind wandered aimlessly to thoughts of the day:

-I can't say enough how amazing my mom is. She's just an incredible woman and there aren't enough fabulous adjectives to describe her. So she's amazing. And fabulous. She's fabulously amazing. 'Nuff said.

-Why does Mat always lose 3 pairs of socks every single time the whites get done? Mat's socks quickly make friends with holes.

-Speaking of socks and t-shirts, why do my in-laws wrap socks and undershirts for Mat for Christmas and then present them as presents? Weird.

-The name Bubba has replaced all our first names. It was supposed to be meant for the dog but out the clear blue Mat and I now call each other Bubba. Thanks Bubba!

-Mat is still practicing his baritone.

-Heard a little girl say yesterday that when she grew up she wanted to be an animal taker carer of.

-Writing on the mirrors with dry erase markers is more fun than it should be.

-I should probably eat breakfast before I eat lunch today.

-Mat's baritone just became very soprano like.

Happy Monday!


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