Mark::Los Altos Photographer

When you meet him you can't help but feel like you just met a great friend. Mat and I were privileged to meet Mark and his wonderful wife at a local Financial Peace University class (Dave Ramsey, yo!)last winter. **side note sale because I know Mark won't mind--if you have never taken an FPU class, TAKE ONE, TAKE ONE TAKE ONE. Ignorance is sooo not bliss and its absolutely the best thing you could do for yourself and if you're married, for your marriage. Okay, side sale over. :)

Mark owns an IT company called PacketSplash and asked me to take photos of him for his new site and marketing materials coming soon. Honored, I accepted and spent a wonderful hour and a half with him and his son. While there, I named my camera Bubba (since that seems to be our family name), tripped over benches while taking photos and hoped to God they couldn't smell the garlic on my breath from a bagel sandwich I had for lunch.

Mark is so genuine and loves what he does. Not only that, he goes above and beyond for his company and his clients. I learned a lot in that small time I spent taking photos and think his smile truly reflects his soul. Mark, it was great to see you again and it was a privilege to work with you! Enjoy!

The following two photos are my favorite--this is Mark's son. The reason for Mark's smile.

Happy Monday!


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