Setting Goals

I'm hearing it everywhere and this whole time I thought I had them written down and while I know I've written them down before I know I haven't done them for this year. This could kill me and Lord knows I don't want to die now. Note to self: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?

John Wooden said, It's not so important who starts to game but who finishes it. I will never finish the game if I don't write down my goals for 2010. Yes, I'm late and I have kicked myself plenty. Guess what I'm doing this weekend? I know that if I don't sit down and write my goals I'll be aiming at nothing...and if I aim at nothing, I'll hit it every time.

This weekend I'm setting my personal goals in regards to my marriage, finances and my little family. Goals in relation to my business and where I want to be by the end of this quarter, half year and year. Goals in relation to my spiritual life--I love Jesus and I want my small world to know it.

If you've ended up in the same boat as I have and are going through life "one day at a time hoping it all works out" I encourage you, take the time to write out a plan for your life. Make your life happen rather than sitting around hoping life will happen to you. First thing on my list? I've got me some vendors to make friends with. :)

As Seth Godin said, Think big. Bigger than that.

Happy Friday, have a fabulous and encouraged weekend!


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