Friday, ahem, Saturday Randomness

We ate, slept and laid around watching movies and doing absolutely nothing. For the first time in over a year and it was so incredibly relaxing. We surrendered our child Saturday morning to my amazing sister for the rest of the weekend and spent the rest of the entire time with no schedule. We got massages, well actually Mat got a massage and I got something that made me more tense because the pressure was so weak. Its probably mostly my fault though, I was too scared to interrupt the silence to tell the woman MORE PRESSURE! Poor Mat has had to compensate since then with my constant please-rub-my-shoulders-because-she-did-such-an-awful-job request. I'm wondering how much longer I can play out that excuse...

Yesterday Mat came home from work (he works a very early morning shift for a delivery company) with flowers and chocolates. I'm sure I looked totally frazzled chasing around a one year old who thinks diaper changing is a game, but it totally  made my morning! Until I came home and found Mat had dug into the chocolate he bought me. Dude! I may or may not have hid the rest. Especially because I've been eating sweets like crazy trying to abstain from anything fatty before our family shoot this weekend.

Which I still need to shop for. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I've started to stress out about this. To all my clients, I now feel for you. I mean I've done this before but that was before I got on Pinterest and saw all the yummy clothing goodness and options. Makes me feel so....momish. Seriously, I can be wearing something that I think is cute only to find out that I look like I'm wearing Lee brand mom jeans (like the ones in the Saturday Nigh Live commercial) with a tucked in polo. Ugh. I want to look like a mom who doesn't have a pile of laundry, dishes at the end of every night and who dries her Egyptian cotton sheets in the Febreeze scented wind.

Happy Friday all--if you need me, I'll be getting my eyebrows waxed dreaming of Febreeze scented sheets and perfect massages.


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