Giveaway Day Three

Happy Wednesday peeps! Yay for another day of giveaways! Today's giveaway is for a set of gorgeous custom boutique Christmas cards. These cards are amazing! They are so unique and will have all your closest friends and family talking. I am so excited to print some of my very own for my family after we take our family photos next week. Speaking of which, I need to do some shopping. H&M and I...we have an appointment. I found the cutest pair of pants for Cash. So excited to dress him. Way.too.excited. actually. :)

Anyway, back to the giveaway. These cards are beautiful and die cut into custom shapes (there are many, many other shapes and sizes available). This giveaway is for 25-4x8 Christmas cards. This giveaway is suuuuuper easy. All you have to do is leave a comment IN THIS BLOG POST and let me know your absolute favorite Christmas tradition or memory.

I remember one year my dad said we couldn't open presents until 11:00pm on Christmas Eve. While he was in the shower everyone snuck around and changed all the clocks in the house to be an hour ahead. We opened gifts before laughing our heads off about the joke we had played on him. That was a good year. Good friends, good laughs. This last Christmas was my grandmother's last Christmas and my son's first. It was really bittersweet but such an amazing Christmas. It was the first Christmas in years and years that we got to spend with my mom's side of the family and the pictures I have of my grandmother sitting at the pantry door while Cash hopped in his swing are some of my favorites.

So what's yours? Tell me, tell me!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. My favorite Christmas memory is basically the concepts that were Christmas... Our house was always heavily decorated and every Christmas Eve our huge Family would come over and we would eat linguica, macaroni salad, tons of other food and my great grandmas secret punch. All the kids would have tons of presents to open and when we were done our Uncles would be the ones playing with all of them. Over the years as my grandparents passed excuses were made and we no longer get together. Last year was Jordyn's first Christmas but she was only 2 months. So I'm super excited now that she can get more into it!

  2. n Christmas eve we would go over to my nanas house and the adults would send us to the den( it was a huge room.) they would give us activities to do; decorate cookies, bob for apples, decorate ordainments, and leave us random toys. They boys would play football, because the room was so long. It was the best!!! So, while the parents were in the living room having a grand ol time, we had to stay in there until midnight, but we had a blast. I wish the family was still like that for our children now but, stuff happens and families split up so now we have to have our own family tradition for them now J 
    This is my best memory!

  3. First I want to say thank you, thank you, & thank you for my gift. Your kind of a big deal :)
    And I shared again!
    My favorite Christmas memories were when I was a little girl and all my moms family would gather at my grandmas house. We would consume thousands of tamales, play games and take naps only to eat again. The house was always full of laughter and loud Mexican women talking over each other. Those were simple, easy, beautiful times. Miss it :)
    Veronica Cordova

  4. my best christmas memory is when my grandparents would make it every year before we started opening our presents and now my parents do the same for my kids and i really hope to do the same for their kids because without family what do u have.

  5. My absolute favorite Christmas tradition is decorating the tree. I love the memories every ornament holds, especially the ugly ones my husband made as a kid, the laughs we have when we realize we've over decorated one side to compensate for the holes, the hot chocolate and any kind of sugary snack we inhale in the process-- which is the only distraction we allow ourselves from completing our piece de resistance. And lastly, I love the big deal it is to have the tree up, not as a worship piece, but as a memorial of the years past that, to me, resembles my family tree.

  6. My favorite christmas story has to be when I got my nieces three years ago. To see there faces as if they where 3 year old opening presents for there first time. They were 6,7,& 9. My mom was with me and life was complete!! %od has truly Blessed. ME!


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