Tips & Tricks::Keep It Natural

If your kiddo is anything like mine, more often than not they don't realize when you have a camera in your hand and are snapping photos. I love these times. I shoot hundreds of photos when he's not paying attention. Photos that will probably never grace my wall but will definitely sit in a yearly book filled with photos of Cash's life. I wish I shot more, but I get terrible, terrible light in my living room. Most of the light in these photos is coming behind me from my bedroom, which gets amazing light. 

Today's tip: keep it natural. I didn't do Cash's hair before I took these, I didn't make the toys all nice and I pretty much just sat in the same spot and observed him playing. I took photos of pieces. Pieces of his toys, pieces of his body, pieces of his face. I never told him to turn around and smile, to look at me or tried to get him to pose. I just let him be. 

When you're capturing life don't forget to capture the little things. 

During these times is also the perfect time to explore your camera and settings. Especially if you have a small SLR or your point and shoot has manual functions. Practice your lighting, angles and composition. Take the time to notice all the details and begin to think of starting new traditions with your photos (ie. putting together an annual book for your family to enjoy). 

Have a question you want answered about photographing your family or about photography in general? Ask! :)

Happy Tuesday! 


  1. He's so sweet! I can't wait for Cash and Finn to meet! Playdate this winter maybe?


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