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It's the most common question for every shoot. What do we wear? What do I recommend? Here's a little something I put together. I'm totally a skirt wearin' kind of gal so that's what I looked for. This is totally just for inspiration so just switch what you'd like. :) There are ways to coordinate without being matchy-matchy.

There are actually quite a bit of patterns going on it this but you'll notice the majority of them are subtle. If they were all as loud as the girls' tights it would be close to disastrous. The majority of what's listed is from ModCloth, H&M and J. Crew.

In choosing outfits, be sure to dress for your body type. Believe me, it'll show in your photos if you're uncomfortable in your outfits. Even if you didn't "lose enough weight," don't try and squeeze into clothes that are too small. It's just not good. ;)

Hope that helps someone. It helped me get ready for our family shoot this weekend...I think I need to take a trip to H&M. I'm a bit in love with their little boy clothes.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I loooooove H&M! They're little girl clothes are awesome too!

  2. This is great. I like what you compiled! I haven't taken any professional pictures in my life ( do school photos count?); I just know that when that time comes I want to run from denim!


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