A 15 Minute Photo

They luuuurrrve the camera and are constantly posing if I have it in front of them. That's why I love this picture so much. They weren't posing and had forgotten for a moment that I had decided to take pictures of them. All they remembered was that I was the only one had responded to their meager hand written invitations to come outside and play. Since I was shooting film I had no idea what photos I had gotten until I developed them in my film class later that week. But when I printed my contact sheet and saw this photo, the day came back to me in a flash. I remember them being sad that no one wanted to come outside that windy day and the flash of doubt that came in their eyes for a second when I stepped outside to play with them, wondering how long I would be out with them. Then I remember the delight as they began to get excited, play waitress taking my order, jumping on our little trampoline and learning how to cut hearts out of paper. We laughed as the wind took our paper hearts over the fence and we had to chase them down the street and hunt in the bushes, and finally the performance they put on for me before going inside. It was a good day and the story behind the photo.

Happy Monday!


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