How Time Flies

We met them almost exactly five years ago. They moved in next door to our family in the fall of 2004. Not just any family. A nice family...with cute kids. Nice kids and...more kids. Kids always seemed to be coming out of their house. And even though we have all moved and they live a whopping 10 miles away, all these kids still seem to be coming out of their home. Really, there are only five of them. Even on the day of the shoot they had kids at their house. :) But in all seriousness, I love this family whom I have lovingly nicknamed The Franciscos. They were some of the best neighbors and I have loved watching them as a family over the years and am so happy to call them friends.

We had lots of fun freezing our tooshies (yes I said tooshies) off during this shoot. And I had quite a difficult time choosing which ones to post. The Franciscos are one of the most photogenic families that I know!


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