Poetry to My Ears

To borrow the poetic wording from the ever funny and fabulous Barney Fife, "Stefanie, Stefanie, lovely sweet Stefanie. From your head down to your feet there is nothing quite as sweet as Stefanie, Stefanie, lovely dear Steff-ee."
I was FINALLY going through some of my photos from our annual day after Thanksgiving trip to Yosemite and came across this mini series of pictures and fell in like. Stef is characterized so well in these: a little goofy, a little blurry, a little...tired looking. lol. And oh so fun to be around. In one month she'll be 18 and legally able to vote, sign her own contracts, open up her own bank account and start her college career. I refuse to go into sentiments until next month, especially about how she was only seven when we moved here, so I cease my expressions.

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful holiday season!

Oh, and Stef, does it hurt much?!


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