Only Once

Her closest friends and family gathered, laughed and waited for her to arrive. The hall was decked out beautifully, every detail remembered. And you could have heard a pin drop when she walked in, every camera poised to catch her coming down the aisle. When she walked in her mom began to cry and her dad shone with pride and the smiles were endless. The love every person had for her could be felt in the air.

Congratulations Bianca on turning 16. It's such a fabulously fun year! You were beautiful, your parents are phenomenal and your brother adorable. Enjoy your 16th year, it only happens once! :)


In memory of:

Happy Hump Day (9 days 'till Christmas!!)!


  1. Oh Biaca 16 and all growed up, you look beautiful!! love ya- Marcia Worley


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