The Balboa Family

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! And so ice cream became the bargaining chip of the hour...I mean, how else do you get four kids to come to order at a park? :) I had such a fabulous time with the Balboa family yesterday--you won't meet a nicer and more charismatic family than theirs. They came looking festive, dapper and ready to have fun. Sam and Aimee~you have a beeeautiful family; Mat and I tip our hats to you for having the energy to love four kiddos--we can't seem to get past the one dog stage of life. :) And thank you for allowing me to spend the hour with you and capture your lives.


Okay these photos were taken last but I HAD to put them first because its just such a fabulous series.

50% of the time was spend trying to keep everyone rounded. :)

I love this~it seriously could make me cry thinking of Dads playing with their children.

You know that song by Trace Adkins "Hot Mama"...um yeah, pretty much.


  1. You did a beautiful job capturing this family. This is truely an awesome and joyful family (know them personally)and you captured that perfectly.


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