It's a Secret?

It was supposed to be a secret. No one was supposed to know who got who. And it worked--for like 5 minutes and I exaggerate not! I, of course, knew who I ended up with in our family's pick-a-name--my favorite person (more on this later). Mat ended up with my mom and posed the same question all 3 of us siblings struggle with every year, what's a good gift for mom? 5 minutes later, talking to my mom, she posed a question to me: What do I get Mat? He's hard to shop for. Oh the anguish that these two got each other. It's actually hilarious and I love watching them research. I of course had to get Phil. I already told him he was going to get a Snuggie. So, yes, my shopping is done. And this post will definitely leave him wondering if really is going to end up with this incredible fabulous blanket. Dear Denice, for the record I want a purse, anything Canon, a phone upgrade, jean skirts, some shirts, boots, a bed set, frames, chocolate, a 6-month membership to My Total Money Makeover or anything that Stef thinks its cute (unless its those not so fabulous shoes she just got). Dear Dad, I feel sorry for you and all the text message hints that Stef plans on sending you. Now would be a great time to block her number. And I would take care of that, oh, right about now.

I love holiday season--here's a peek at our tree!

Happy Friday everyone!


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