Happy Accidents

It was just the three of us at the house. At a complete loss as to how to entertain them I suggested a photo shoot. The conversation went something like this:

Them: Can we do a wacky photo shoot?!
Me: Sure, we'll do your hair wacky, you can dress wacky and...
M2: Oh, I'm going to dress like I just came off the turnip truck. Sister C says sometimes thats how I look when I get dressed for school.
Me: {Chortles and laughs}

So after much trepidation about what looks wacky, what shoes look wacky with two different socks, and is their hair too pretty to be wacky?, we head downstairs and grab my three little excuses for lighting and began to play...and how I wish I was working in film when I took these. Not because these photos give any applause to the lack of my lighting capabilities, but because they show all those in between moments. The contemplations, the boredom, the laughter. The freedom they felt from being able to be...wacky.

I hope everyone had a fabulously Merry Christmas. Happy Saturday!


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